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Transform difficult conversations in the workplace

Without clear communication, organisations experience reduced productivity and innovation leading to increased stress and burnout amongst employees


Breakdowns in communication can happen in a variety of ways, from avoiding difficult conversations with colleagues, managers and customers, to misunderstandings due to differences in skills, experience and conversation styles. 

Suzi’s signature training “Constructive Communication: How To Handle Any Conversation” can be tailored to your business or individual needs and can be adapted following an initial consultation.


Constructive Communication: How to handle any conversation

Suitable for the following types of industries:

Education, Health, Hospitality, Construction & Manufacturing 

What to expect:

  • Tools for managing difficult conversations

  • Learn how to observe rather than feel your way through conflict

  • Develop on the spot key messages in response to difficult conversations 

  • Learn why psychological safety boosts performance

  • Increase self-awareness and confidence as a communicator

  • Discuss the most challenging conversations specific to your industry & develop realistic actionable responses

  • Discover the biggest communication mistakes and how to avoid them

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